Day Twenty-Eight: Messy

A month has passed and I don’t feel like I’ve gotten much of anything done (other than gaining weight). It’s clear I’ve been spending more time at home from my things that have been strewn in every room, and I can plot a trail through the house of where I’ve been working on crafts, halfway unpacking and cleaning things, preparing food, leaving sweatshirts and socks…a path a need to retrace, wiping away my footprints. On top of that, I haven’t done any of the major cleaning projects I need to take care of…my office, the kitchen, and the basement are all still a disaster. It’s frustrating, not hearing any work back on the jobs I’m applying for, but also reasonable given the current state of my portfolio and resume. Getting them perfect is a massive undertaking, and everything is so different from the last time I was job hunting…my last job practically fell into my lap and the two jobs before that were in other fields entirely. The entire job-scape has changed immensely.

My goals for this week are to get an hour of administrative work in every day, to complete my resume so I can start applying for UX jobs, and to have wireframes for my site completed. I also need to clean out the fridge and make applesauce. I need to exercise at least 4 times.


Day Twenty-Two: Busy

Things have been a bit crazy here at home. Between trying to get the house in shape, trying to get the work I’m still getting completed, looking for jobs, working on updating my resume and portfolio, redesigning my website, coming up with other side projects I could make to show off some of my skills, design reading and research, making costumes and doing all the other usual chores; it’s been hard to find time to write or do many relaxing things.

I really need to get back to exercising. Part of me feels like it’s a little selfish to be worrying about how I look at a time like this, part of me doesn’t really care how I look, and my mind ignores the idea for the most part because I have so much to get done. “Luckily” I’m forgetting to eat as much as I normally would, so my weight hasn’t been ballooning out of control, but with the holiday season upon us and having purchased my first of what will be many cartons of eggnog, I really should get back into the habit.